Connecting underserved youth with the great outdoors.

We provide financial support to organizations that introduce Philadelphia area youth to new experiences in the great outdoors.

Kid smiles with a snake on his shoulder in College Settlement Camps in Horsham, PA
Two kids on a rowing boat having fun
Girl climbing wall at camp

Dana How Social Services Fund

The Dana How Social Services Fund has a long history of providing financial support to non-profit residential camps and outdoor programs in the greater Philadelphia area so that more young people can participate.

  • Providing financial support to non-profit outdoor programs
  • Encouraging youth engagement with the outdoors
  • Supporting access to the great outdoors for the city’s underserved youth
Dana How Social Services Fund

In 2023 the Dana How Social Services Fund provided financial support to two new camp operations, Camp Jamison and Discovery Pathways. Both serve minority youth from communities in Philadelphia. We look forward to continuing that support for summer programming in 2024 and beyond.

Camp Jamison
The mission at Camp Jamison is grounded in principles of diversity, inclusivity, and affordability. They recognize the importance of these values, especially for kids growing up in a city with its unique set of challenges. Camp Jamison serves as a vital escape and reset for these young individuals, offering a week of fun, relaxation, and reflection.
Discovery Pathways
Discovery Pathways' mission is to uplift the well-being of the community and environment through experiential, nature-based  programs. By providing hands-on environmental education to urban youth and adults, they empower leaders and cultivate a connection to the natural world.
Bringing Kids Together, For Better

Bringing Kids Together, For Better

For more than a decade the Dana How Social Services Fund has supported College Settlement Camps in Horsham, PA. In 2023 we expanded our support to two new camps, Camp Jamison and Discovery Pathways.  The camps, in turn, have focused on delivering unique camp experiences to young people from across the greater Philadelphia area. Dana How Fund scholarships have made it possible for scores of young people to attend camp that otherwise might never get the chance. We collaborate with the camp and other outdoor programs that shape the lives of young people by instilling respect for self, others and our natural world.

Getting kids out of the city and into the outdoors

Recognizing the incredible toll street violence is taking on Philadelphia’s youth, the Dana How Fund is currently reaching out to other camping and outdoor programs to pave the way for more city-based young people to attend.

Although there is no one answer the problem of violence in the streets, one approach is to get the city’s youth out of harm’s way. Getting kids out of the city and into the outdoors, if even for just a week or two, yields tremendous benefits:

  • Introducing kids to a fun new experience
  • Giving young people an appreciation for nature and the environment
  • Meeting others from all walks of life
  • Teaching the value of collaboration and cooperation
  • Relieving the stress of navigating a dangerous environment, if only for a relatively short time
  • Letting kids leave their fears behind and just be kids
Who Was Dana How?

Who Was Dana How?

For decades, Dana G. How was the director of the Christian Association at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. His focus on providing services for the underserved and his love for the outdoors inspired him to establish University Camps in Green Lane, PA. His dedication inspired several of his colleagues to create the Dana How Social Services Fund, continuing his legacy long after his passing.

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Our Leadership

Our Leadership

The Dana How Social Services Fund is directed by its Allocations Committee, a group of experienced professionals from various backgrounds. One thing the committee members have in common is years of service to the very camps Dana How created. The strong and long lasting relationships they developed over the years inspired them to continue the important work Dana How began decades ago.

Frequently asked questions

No, although the years Dana How spent as director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Christian Association was certainly a big part of his inspiration. The Dana How Social Services Fund is not funded by or linked to any religious or political organization.
The Allocations Committee carefully reviews a few select non-profit camps and outdoor programs to ensure that the young people they serve come from Philadelphia neighborhoods with the greatest need. The committee interviews the leaders of those programs, visits their facilities and checks to make sure they are safe and nurturing environments for young people.
Just click the "Click here to donate" button found throughout our website. You will be directed to the Philadelphia Foundation website donations page. The Philadelphia Foundation is the fund manager for the Dana How Social Services Fund.
The Dana How Social Services Fund itself does not provide any services, and is not a non profit. It does provide funding to non profits that operate camping and outdoor programs for Philadelphia-area youth.
Far too many city-based young people never get to experience the outdoors or the character building that camping programs can provide.
Contributions are always appreciated. Every dollar raised helps us get another deserving young person out of the city and into the outdoors.

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Thanks to the support of our donors, we were able to provide a scholarships to help cover the costs of tuition, books, and living expenses. This allowed our very first student to focus on their studies and graduate with their degree.